PornHub’s About To Film The First Sex Tape In Outer Space And YOU Can Be A Part Of The Action

by 5 years ago


The future of ‘Sexploration’ is upon us. Today we usher in a new era for both space exploration and adult video. This morning, at 10:00am EST PornHub launched what might be the most important IndieGoGo campaign in history: a crowdfund to bankroll the world’s first ever sex tape filmed in outer space.

Of course you want to be involved with this campaign of sexploration, right? But like every good IndieGoGo campaign there are rewards for becoming a backer. So, who are the lucky two porn stars that will be boning and filming the first sex tape shot in outer space? Eva Lovia & Johnny Sins:



In addition to the satisfaction of knowing your hard earned money went towards filming two people bone in outer space here’s what you will receive for some of the various levels of financial backing, if you so choose to get involved in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity:



$1USD: Pluto
The minimum donation of 1$ will snag you a Certificate of Endorsement confirming your support of the Space Program.

$10USD: Moon Rock
A 10$ donation scores you a Certificate of Endorsement plus access to the final video a whole 24 hours before the rest of the world sees it.

$25USD: Neptune
A 25$ contribution gets you an HD digital copy of the final product along with your official Certificate of Endorsement and Pornhub Space Program sticker.



$100USD: Saturn
For a 100$ donation, you’ll receive the Saturn swag bag including the official uniform of our sextronauts- a limited edition Pornhub Space Program t-shirt, plus the prizes listed above.



$5,000USD: Earth
Your 5K donation lands you a private lunch date with Eva Lovia or Johnny Sins, and the Saturn swag bag.

$10,000USD: Venus
A 10K contribution scores you VIP tickets to the exclusive, industry-only sex tape launch party as well as your name immortalized in the end credits, plus the Saturn swag bag.

$20,000USD: Mercury
For 20K we let you run the show. Making this donation gives you the once in a lifetime opportunity to help map out an entire scene in the first ever sex tape in space – positions, script, the whole shebang. We’re also throwing in a Pornhub Space Program swag bag.



$30,000USD: Apollo 69
If you put 30K towards the Pornhub Space Program, we’re putting your branding on our official spacesuits, plus a swag bag!

$50,000USD: Black Hole
A piece of space history will be yours to keep! Pick from one of [5-10] custom made props from the set to add some extraterrestrial flare to your home décor, plus the swag bag!



$150,000USD: Uranus
This top level donation scores you one of the 2 spacesuits worn by our sextronauts complete with underwear, plus a swag bag! Great for cosplay enthusiasts.

If any of those prizes/offers seems like something you’d be interested in you can click on over to the IndieGoGo crowdfunding page by CLICKING HERE.

Last but not least is the press release regarding the most important crowdfund of our lives:

“New York, NY (June 10, 2015) – Pornhub, the premier online destination for adult entertainment, today announced it has officially launched an Indiegogo campaign to crowdfund the first ever sex tape in space. The “Sexploration” campaign, which will run through the next 30 days, is looking to raise $3.4M to fund the maiden voyage set for takeoff in late 2016.

By taking to Indiegogo, Pornhub is giving its loyal fans the opportunity to be a part of this historic undertaking by providing a way for them to have their own say in how the entire film is put together via campaign contributions. Each donation will in turn be rewarded on a tiered prize level basis depending on the amount of each offering, with the higher tiers reflecting a greater amount of contributor control over production. The campaign’s proceeds will go directly towards securing key components, such as the cost of shuttle seating for the crew and performers, as well as state-of-the-art video equipment to broadcast the iconic moment. Conversely, Pornhub will absorb all of the pre- and post-production costs, as well as expenses for promoting, releasing and celebrating the launch of the film.

“We’re looking to pioneer a one-of-a-kind mission to push the boundaries of intergalactic sexploration, defy gravity and make history. We are excited to change the adult industry as we currently know it by venturing into the final sexual frontier,” said Corey Price, Vice President, Pornhub. “This will be a grand experiment in learning how intercourse works after penetrating the Earth’s atmosphere, a lesson we’d like to broadcast and produce – with great enjoyment – in direct collaboration with those interested in being a part of the global front that will make this a reality.”

Pornhub will reward all donations from fans and community members via a tiered prize list aimed at targeting porn enthusiasts who share the company’s vision for breaking down sexual barriers. The perks extend from the $1 “Pluto” donation level, which provides you with an “Official Certificate of Endorsement” confirming your support of the Space Program, to the $150,000 “Uranus” level, which scores you one of the two spacesuits worn by the “sextronauts” complete with underwear and a swag bag. There are additional rewards that bridge the gap between the “Pluto” and “Uranus” levels, providing fans and community members the flexibility to spend as they please.”

So what brought about the ‘Pornhub Space Program – SEXPLORATION’? Well, the answers to that are in the Q&A on the crowdfund page:

Why is Pornhub crowdsourcing to make this happen? Can’t you just make the video yourselves?

With a project of these intergalactic proportions it is important to us that our members have a say in how it all goes down. Pornhub is all about community, which our huge and dedicated fan base knows to be true. For this same reason, it only makes sense that we involve our members on this journey of Sexploration.

Who is going to be filming the video?

We have contracted top adult video studio Digital Playground to shoot and produce the video for us. You may know them from their hit films Pirates and Apocalypse X.

Again, to become a backer in this crowdfund and be a part of history you can CLICK HERE to head on over to IndieGoGo.