Bro Tries To Have Sexy Time With His Girlfriend In A Hotel Jacuzzi On Valentine’s Day, Ends Up With A NASTY Bruise

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Sexy bath/jacuzzi time with a sexual partner is one of those things that sounds great in theory and almost always is terrible in real life. The water is too cold or too hot or someone ends up with a nasty infection from a hotel jacuzzi that hasn’t been sterilized since the Reagan administration. This Bro on Reddit had a different experience — Everything was going according to plan until he ended up with a downright NASTY bruise from the intake.

So my gf and I managed to snag a deal staying at a hotel and getting dinner on valentine’s day, and we both got so excited when we saw the spa-bath jacuzzi in our room, even though it was a bit small.

We DID notice the warning sign about being cautious about keeping body parts away from the intake area, but didn’t think it was very important (mistake).

After it finally filled up, we turned the jets on and she hopped in, and there was barely room for two, but I tried squeezing in opposite her. As I got comfortable, I suddenly felt something strange happen. It felt like I was in a space ship and a hole had appeared behind me, and my body just tried to plug it. It wasn’t painful, it just felt like 15 vacuum cleaners being hooked up at the bottom of my spine, and I immediately pleaded with my gf for help. I probably could have unplugged myself, but with her help I was off the intake hole within 3 seconds, but the damage was done. I stood up and showed her my back, and she erupted in laughter at my new tramp stamp.

She later added that a benefit of the whole ordeal is that if a man is rooting me, my speedometer tramp stamp could tell him how fast he’s going.

TL;DR Back got sucked into the intake and plugged it, ended with massive bruises in shape of drain.

Here is said bruise:


And here is how big that damn intake was:


And here’s how big that sign was:


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