Tired Of Not Being Able To Watch Porn At Work? One Filmmaker Wants To Make SFW Porn And Host It On YouTube

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Work. It’s like eight hours a day, every day, that you can’t watch porn. Who the fuck made that rule? Jesus? Moses? Wasn’t any of those two dudes, who made some good ass rules. No, it was just some guy, who probably ain’t even in the Bible, who said, “No porn at work.”

Day’s only 24 hours long, man, and you’re telling me I gotta spent a full third of it not watching porn? Fucked up world we live in, mates.

That may change, though. Soon, porn at work will be okay, if Erika Lust gets her way.

It’s porn, just without the sex. Here, watch her first attempt, “Do You Find My Feet Suckable.”

It’s okay. You can watch it. I just watched it.

I guess my dick’s kinda hard?

Here’s what Lust told the Mirror, about her efforts to bring Safe For Work porn to the world.

“The special YouTube edits contain all the narrative, context and eroticism with strong characters and great cinematography, but all without the explicit sex.”

“It’s a way to show how the films can still be erotic in a more suggestive and teasing way, and to have non-explicit films that can show sex-positive attitudes where consent and relatability are paramount.”

She thinks, like everyone thinks about everything these days, this will really appeal to millennial consumers.

“Mainstream adult content isn’t satisfying people anymore. The upcoming generation have a wider range of tastes. They want realism, they want their sexualities represented, they want to see people, contexts and narratives they can relate to.”

Don’t worry, though. All the YouTube videos contain links to the full porns with all the boning.

So while it’s not perfect, and you still can’t jerk it at your desk after lunch, it’s a start.

An important first step.

[Via Mirror]

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