Nothing Will Get You More Amped For #SharkWeek Than This Supercut Of Close Encounters With Shark Mouths

This Sunday marks the beginning of Discovery Channel’s 2016 Shark Week. Yes, it’s time again for the annual event in which our TVs are flooded with specials from Discovery which are intended to educate the general public about the lives of sharks, and how they pose virtually zero threat to human beings. And even though that’s the intended purpose of Discover Channel’s Shark Week what inevitably happens is a bunch of primadonnas act like babies on Facebook and Twitter, first making Shark Week out to be the biggest event in the history of mankind, then acting like they actually give a shit about sharks, and lastly they realize that nobody cares about their thoughts on Shark Week so they go back to tweeting about Justine Beaver.

With that in mind, I’d just like to say that there are people out there who genuinely enjoy Shark Week for the new content, myself included amongst that lot. For the most part, I grew up watching Saturday and Sunday morning nature specials instead of cartoons (though I totally watched TMNT and the X-Men cartoons). So I always enjoy seeing these new specials beam into our TV boxes. I just hope that this year we see more new coverage than in recent years, because it seems like there’s been a trend of just replaying old Shark Week specials and trying to pass them off as new…

For what it’s worth, this post was absolutely in no way sponsored by Shark Week. In fact I had to ask someone if I could even use Shark Week in the headline for this, I just went for it because I wanted to put the event on the radar of you bros.

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