Bros: For $2.2 Million You Can Buy A SICK NYC Bro-Pad That Patrick Bateman’s Secretary Use To Live In!


American Psycho

Hey Bros — How about some more New York City real estate porn? After all, that sick Q2 hedge fun bonus isn’t going to spend itself! Yesterday I posted about an NYC dream pad in the East Village on 13th and 3rd Avenue. It’s PRIME for playing beer pong outside like your days at ASU, which is practically unheard of in Manhattan.

Now today another sweet real estate listing is on the market in the East Village, the most bro-tastic neighborhood in New York City. It’s on East 10th street between 2nd and 3rd. The best thing about it? It’s (A. within amazing proximity of Ninth Ward (one of the greatest bars in the hood), a great new-ish sports bar called Durdens, Professor Thoms, AND the 13th Step — one of those bars that’s pretty douche-tastic but all us NYC transplants inevitably stumble into (no Stumble Inn pun intended). Plus the proximity to Penny Farthing and Pourhouse. There’s an amazing pizza place down the block called Nicoletta, too, that you have to try. They recently started selling slices! Yay!

The apartment’s former owner is Chloe Sevigny, the actress who famously played Patrick Bateman’s secretary Jean in American Psycho. Like a total hipster, she sold the apartment a couple years ago and ditched NYC’s most bro-tastic neighborhood for Prospect Park. Did we mention how much Sevigny HATES the Bros who have taken over the East Village? Look at how much of a bro-hater she came off as in the Daily Beast last summer:

[W]alking around the East Village, I just want to cry at the state of it. There are so many fuckin’ jocks everywhere! It’s like a frat house everywhere. … [W]here are the real weirdos? The real outcasts? … Maybe New York isn’t drawing that anymore because it’s too expensive.

So un-chill.

But now the current owners are selling the 1,250-square foot one-bedroom for $2.2 million. This could definitely be a sweet downtown Bro pad in a full-floor townhouse, banker Bros. Just be sure your resumes are polished enough for the co-op board.

Here are the pics via Curbed and CORE:



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