10 Surefire Signs A Girl Is Into You

by 3 years ago

We all know girls are complicated, but there are certain signs that let you know she’s into you. As a guy I’ve noticed there are certain things girls do when they are really into a guy. Finding the right girl is just like driving a car, you got to pay attention to the signs. The problem is that some of us aren’t the best drivers. Here are some surefire signs she is into you.

She agrees to do stuff with you: Doing stuff is hard. If you suggest doing something, and she happily agrees to do it with you, she’s definitely into you. Bonus points if she agrees to go along with you when doing those monotonous guy errands. Errands like spending Saturday afternoons at the store with you while you are trying on condoms.

When you touch her boobs she doesn’t slap you and yell, “Get away from me you pervert!”: If a girl is really into you, there’s a good chance she might be ok with you touching her boobs from time to time. In order to touch boobs, you have to have the right fingerprints, if you will. Think of a woman’s boobs as a fingerprint scanning system you see in every heist movie circa 1995. You have to make sure your prints have been granted access first.

She agrees to go back to your place: Let’s say you’re talking to a nice lady and towards the end of the night you ask, “Hey do you want to go back to my place?” If she shrugs her shoulders and says, “Sure.” she’s into you. Her agreeing to go into your house means that at the very least she doesn’t believe you will murder her. Last time I checked, people like people they don’t think will murder them.

She sends you a picture of her boobs: Boob pics are like the opposite of dick pics. Boob pics aren’t sprayed about like dick pics, but sent with thought and care.

She gives you her phone number: If a girl is giving you her phone number, it means she is willing to risk the fact that you might be a lunatic stalker. She is willing to take a chance on you knowing that you may very well use her phone number to call her at the wee hours of the night, only to make heavy breathing sounds into the receiver.

She cooks a meal for you: Unless you’re dealing with your mother, any time a lady cooks a meal for you, she’s DTF. Do not have sex with your mom.

She calls you when she’s drunk at 2 a.m.: A drunken phone call can bring out someone’s inner feelings. So a call at 2 a.m. is a sign she’s into you, unless you were accidentally pocket dialed. Things can take a turn for the worst when that pocket dial allows you to overhear her talk mad shit about how desperate you are. She was probably talking about someone else, though. Yeah, don’t sweat it. It was definitely someone else.

She seems at least mildly interested in your erection: If for some reason you get an erection around a woman, and she’s not freaked out by it, she’s into you. Key point: Don’t force the showing of your boner to anyone without any type of boner foreplay. Presenting someone with an erection unannounced is like eating an entire cake for breakfast, and polishing it off with a swig of tequila. It’s just too much too early.

She says things like, “You want to have sex?”: If she’s asking you if you want to have sex then she’s definitely into you, but there are a few exceptions. The only time this doesn’t ring true is if you are overhearing someone else’s conversation, approaching cops working undercover as prostitutes, or approaching most actual prostitutes.

She puts your penis in her mouth: Pro tip: make sure it’s YOUR penis going into HER mouth. One time I accidentally let a girl put HER penis in MY mouth. Big mistake. She thought I really liked her after that.