Watch This Skiier Chick Come In HOT And Crash Into An Entire Ski Rack While The Entire Lodge Looks On

pizza. Pizza! PIZZA!!!!!

I don’t know what the acceptable number of times to watch the video on loop is, but whatever it is, I’m over it. I don’t care if you’re a bunny hill skier or Picabo Street, the base of the hill in front of the ski lodge is the place where you show off the progress you’ve made on the slopes. Maybe come in hot and kick up some powder for the losers who called it quits early, really solidify yourself as a ski alpha and up your chances of meeting a ski bunny in the lodge.

Or you could channel your inner Mighty Ducks’ Luis Mendoza by demonstrating a complete inability to control yourself and become a human bowling ball by taking out an entire ski rack. I’m cringing just thinking about this chick’s next move. Everyone just saw you annihilate their skis, but its unrealistic to put the entire thing back in order. Maybe just give a sheepish apologetic wave, catch the next lift to the top of the mountain, and never come down. I don’t know, just spitballin’ here.

Regardless, I can’t think of a more humiliating slope debacle.


Nope, still can’t.