‘Smile High Club’ – Passenger Catches Moment Couple Come Out Of Airplane Bathroom Together

One amorous couple joined the “Mile High Club” and we know this because one astute passenger caught the golden moment they emerged from the plane’s bathroom. On a recent Virgin Atlantic flight from London to Miami, eagle-eyed David Eve spotted the lustful lovers enter the plane’s lavatory and was savvy enough to capture the moment that the two sweethearts exited the plane’s lavatory after what we must assume the afterglow of them joining the Mile High Club.

The woman exits the shitter first and while she sneaks out, the video captures the gentleman with a huge smile on his face, and who could blame the lucky lad.

“I’ll leave first so nobody notices.”

“Smart idea, I’ll stay here and laugh my ass off.”


Meanwhile, it does not appear that all parties involved had a fantastic time. The experience seems to have left a bad taste in her mouth.