Here’s A Snapchat Of Jameis Winston Sticking His Tongue Out And Asking For A Tit Pic From Some Girl



When you hear the sentence “Here’s a snapchat of Jameis Winston asking for tit pics,” is your immediate response “Wow that’s probably fake” or “How unsurprising”? On one hand, it’s certainly in poor taste at the moment for Jameis Winston to be sending Snapchats with the caption “Show ne da boobies.” Then again that’s always in poor taste. What, you couldn’t throw in the word “please” somewhere or, y’know…just not be scrounging around for boobs on Snapchat?

As for some context, the Snapchat was supposedly sent to some FSU student and then sent around Facebook, because if something can come back to bite you in the ass it most certainly will.





Then again, I doubt that if someone were making a fake Snapchat from Jameis Winston that they’d care to think ahead enough to spell the word “me” wrong in the final image. At the very least we do know that Jameis is literate, but I can 100% see him being too lazy to bother fixing his spelling on a Snapchat. Hell, I’M too lazy 75% of the time and one of my job requirements is to be able to at least spell as well as your average 3rd grader (4th grade is where they start throwing around 8 letter words so we had to draw a line somewhere). Would someone faking the photo be able to channel that same mindset? I don’t know, what are your thoughts?


[H/T and images via Total Frat Move]