This Avalanche of Snow Falling from a Roof Looks Like a Ridiculously Hard ‘Guitar Hero’ Song

1. Of course I know “That Dragonforce song” is the true jam, “Through the Fire and Flames.” That was just human for pretending to be “above” lesser information, clearly indicating that I have much cooler things to do than spend my time remembering minute details of semi-nerdy trends. But come on. You think I didn't spend many a night that summer going into senior year of HS driving with my buddy who insisted on blasting that song on repeat, part of the awesomeness that comes with being a new driver? 

2. The Guitar Hero observation was straight jacked from the top YouTube commenter. The thing about 2013 is, you don't really need writers and comedians when you can just crowdsource those jobs to millions and millions of people. 

[H/T: VVV]