Snowboarder Bro Wearing A GoPro Gets Rescued From A Gondola By Helicopter And The Footage Is Pretty Sick

by 3 years ago


There is nothing more terrifying than being on a ski lift or gondola when it stops for an extended amount of time. You’re just sitting there, 50 feet in the air and there’s not a damn thing you can do. And the whole time, you have no idea what’s going on — Is someone hurt? Did something break? It’s pretty terrifying.

The gondola at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort in British Columbia suffered a pretty catastrophic electrical problem this past Sunday during operational hours. After being stuck in the Golden Eagle Express Gondola for hours, mountain rescue crews did an emergency helicopter evacuation of 16-year-old snowboader Kody Lapointe and his father, Manny.

Via the CBC:

“They dropped the rescue down on top of our gondola and he put us in parachute-type things, hooked us to the rope and off we went out the door up in the air,” he said over email.

“We would like to thank the rescuers for their amazing efforts and their efficiency in getting us, as well as everyone else, to safety as quickly as possible,” said Lapointe, who called it an “insane ride” on YouTube.

They had a GoPro on for the whole air lift. It’s pretty incredible to watch, as you can see above. Just proof that mountain rescue teams are some of the biggest, most badass Bros on the planet.