Drone Footage Of The Largest Sockeye Migration In Recent Alaskan History Is Straight Up Nature Porn

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The recent sockeye salmon migration at Alaska’s Lake Iliamna is being called one of the largest salmon migrations in recent history. I don’t have specific numbers on how many fish were captured in the mesmerizing drone footage below but I can say that this is probably the most fish I’ve ever seen in one place at one time, putting those massive ‘bait balls’ out in the Pacific Ocean and Gulf of Mexico to shame.

As a fisherman and nature lover this video is better than porn, in fact this is the very definition of ‘Nature Porn’ for me:

Video credit on this goes to Jason Ching, and the description on YouTube is really all I have to go on in terms of details:

“Fly high above Lake Iliamna, Alaska, following the crew of the Alaska Salmon Program as they conduct sockeye salmon surveys during one of the largest migrations in recent history.”

Let’s check out some of that stunning drone footage real quick in animated GIF, shall we?



Iliamna Lake is located in Southwest Alaska, and it’s fucking MASSIVE. It’s a 77-mile-long lake with depths that reach up to 988 feet, so PERFECT for a salmon migration. It’s the 8th largest lake in North America and the 2nd largest lake in the United States (second only to Lake Michigan, all of the other ‘Great Lakes’ border Canada and thus aren’t considered to be within the United States).

For any of you bros craving delicious fish for lunch or dinner after watching this video I now invite you to check out my super official, totally scientific ranking of ‘The 25 Best Tasting Fish In The World‘.

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