New South Carolina Bill Is The Biggest, Most Asinine Threat To Internet Porn The U.S. Has Ever Seen

by 3 years ago

Pre-filed earlier this month by South Carolina Rep. Bill Chumley, this new bill is the biggest threat against Internet porn that we’ve ever seen here in America. The bill proposes that every single computer and ‘other digital devices’ sold in the state of South Carolina comes pre-loaded with software/digital blocking capabilities to block access to pornography.

According to the Associated Press, this bill that has been referred to South Carolina’s House Judiciary Committee would fine manufacturers who refuse to install porn-blocking software on their devices prior to sale…but there’s a catch.

Upon further inspection, it appears as if Rep. Bill Chumley might just using his bullshit anti-porn stance as a means to extract more money from computer and tablet manufacturers. The bill comes with an ‘opt out’ option which allows manufacturers to pay the state of South Carolina $20/device for every device sold without the porn-blocking software. And buyers will also have the option of spending an additional $20 to purchase a device without the porn-blocking software.

So, if you’re reading between the lines, it appears as if this fuckboi’s using his hatred of porn as a means to suck money out of the very people who voted for him in the first place, and it’s fucking bullshit if you ask me.

A graduate of Clemson University, 69-year-old S.C. Representative Bill Chumley has only previously made headlines after voting against the removal of the Confederate battle flag in from the State House grounds in the aftermath of 2015’s deadly massacre in a Charleston church. His stance was that if there was someone inside of that Church with a gun to use as self-defense then the massacre would’ve never happened.

(h/t CharlotteObserver)

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