People In South Dakota Won’t Stop ‘Jerking It’ While Driving So The State Made A ‘Don’t Jerk And Drive’ Campaign

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In case you were unaware, you should never “jerk it” while you’re driving. Jerkin’ it can lead to injury to other drivers, injury to yourself, and most likely car accidents that leave you crippled for life and dead. Yes you read that correctly, crippled and dead. That’s like when your leg explodes and the mortician can’t put it back together so they just throw a small log in your pants in place of where your calf should be. Do you want to be a crippled corpse? Because driving in a jerky manner is how you do that.

Oh I’m sorry, did you think I meant masturbating while driving? Because I didn’t. I meant jerking the steering wheel of your car around while on icy roads. But don’t worry, most of South Dakota thought the same thing you did, which is why the state is now pulling the “Don’t Jerk and Drive” campaign.

“The message is that we’d prefer drivers keep their cars out of the ditch and their minds out of the gutter,” said Lee Axdahl, director of the office of Highway Safety.
But the language didn’t play well with some South Dakotans, and now the state has pulled back.
“I decided to pull the ad,” said Trevor Jones, the secretary of the Department of Public Safety — and Axdahl’s boss — in a statement. “This is an important safety message and I don’t want this innuendo to distract from our goal to save lives on the road.”

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Several citizens who can’t take a joke were reportedly upset about the “Don’t Jerk and Drive” ads, despite the intent being to reach young males. According to Micah Aberson, one of the campaign strategists:

“When the repercussion of our message not getting through could be a fatality, the stakes are high,” said Aberson, who also worked on the DPS’s #SoberSelfie and #WhyIBuckle social media campaigns. “We are adamant in our pursuit of campaigns that break through the clutter in a crowded media landscape to a target an audience that’s difficult to reach.”

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Regardless, the campaign was apparently incredibly successful for South Dakota with more than 16,000 people seeing its Twitter campaign within its first week of running.

But the real question I have is…who knew there were even 16,000 people in South Dakota? Last time I checked North and South Dakota were desolate wastelands of lush forests and cows, where people lived in log cabins and drove pickup trucks everywhere. Maybe they meant “16,000 people in South Dakota, 15,000 of whom were visiting and 500 of whom were stuck there for a layover into Canada.”

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