Nobody In Recorded History Has Ever Been More Cocksure Than This South Korean Politician Walking Into An Airport

by 10 months ago

For most of us, the airport isn’t typically a place we whip out of hogs and let it drag on the floor. No, instead of peacocking, we’re usually just worried about the whereabouts of that dimebag we once kept in your backpack before putting it through the security conveyor belt. Every time I throw my carry-on on that thing, I have to remind myself I’m not a terrorist and my bag contains no more than a box of Kleenex and a signed Clay Aiken DVD.

But, South Korea’s Kim Moo-sung isn’t you and he isn’t me. He is the most cocksure guy in all of the Korea’s who isn’t named Jung-Un. I don’t know where this asshole gets off with tossing a neon rolly bag he got at Target like he’s about to join a Royal Rumble, but I haven’t been this intimidated from a foreign power since the king of Thailand wore a crop top.

Well played, sir…

What a tier one asshole.

[h/t TFM]

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