Southwest Airlines Pilot Hops On The Mic To Surprise His One Millionth Passenger With A Dope Gift

by 2 years ago

I don’t need to remind you bros of all the dumpster fire PR airline companies have dug themselves into recently. From United Airlines beating the piss out of its passengers to American Airlines flight attendant challenging a passenger to a fight, airlines have seen about as much good press recently as Bill Cosby.

Welp, Southwest Airlines aka The People’s Airlines, has capitalized on its competitors’ blunders with a little A+ PR, courtesy of Captain John Richie. Richie retired from the United States Air Force 22 years ago, and he’s been working for Southwest ever since. The pilot hopped on the plane mic on a recent trip from Denver to Pittsburgh to tell his passengers that he’s kept track of every passenger he’s flown in his two decade career. Which sounds creepy, but probably isn’t. Richie announced, “Today, I’m flying with my one millionth passenger.” The lucky passenger was then delivered a bottle of champagne, an autographed copy of her boarding card, and the best of all, a refund for what what she spent on the ticket. Straight cash homie.

After the extremely generous gesture, Richie then flew the plane into the mountains. Just kidding, everyone got to Pittsburgh safely. Relax.

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