Sorry Ugly Biddies, But The U.S. Government Just Said If You Aren’t Bangable Here, You Ain’t Boneable Abroad

by 3 years ago


The U.S. State Deparment has been sharing some pretty common sense travel tips for spring breakers heading abroad this year, hoping to pre-empt any dumbasses from, oh, I don’t know, stealing a sign in North Korea or some shit.

They’re really fucking common sense shit, like don’t take cocaine-filled luggage from strangers.

Their latest has some people upset. It’s already been deleted, but it says if you’re ugly here, and a dude abroad wants to fuck you, he’s probably planning on robbing you. Or fucking you, then robbing you.



Wow harsh. Don’t you know beauty standards differ across the planet.

Could you be any less woke, State Department travel tips Twitter account?

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