This Teen’s Stomach Pains Turned Out To Be His Parasitic Twin And HOLY SHIT SNACKS That Thing’s Got Fangs

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Firstly, if you aren’t into seeing what a parasitic twin with fangs looks like (100% NOPE) then you should turn away now. Because that’s EXACTLY what you’re going to see in this post, a twin that was removed from 18-year-old Narendra Kumar’s stomach after he went to the hospital complaining of severe stomach pains. After the doctors got in there and looked around they found his long lost twin, and that twin had fangs and hair and bones and I’m being serious here, I can only look at the pictures in short bursts.

Before we get to the pics (below) here’s a little background on what happened, via Sanjay Pandey at The Daily Mail:

An Indian teenager with chronic stomach pains was shocked to be told they were caused by the malformed foetus of his twin.
Doctors were astonished to find the three-stone mass of bone, hair and teeth inside Narendra Kumar’s abdomen.
The parasite had been feeding off Narendra, 18, after forming an umbilical cord-like structure that leached its twin’s blood supply.
He was finally diagnosed with ‘foetus in fetu,’ a rare condition with only 200 cases ever reported worldwide.
According to doctors of Swaroop Narayan Hospital in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, it had been living like a parasite inside his body since his birth.

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