Stoned Guy Films Bird Swoop In To Eat A Monster Grasshopper And It Makes His Fucking Day

by 4 years ago

First, R.I.P., Grasshopper. Second, this stoned dude is really living life the right way. Just look at his description on YouTube. His prolonged excitement over seeing a grasshopper get eaten alive is infectious.

This is freaking insane. I got really baked then check out what I just caught on video. So I’m walking out front, taking out the recyclables when I see this huge fluttering out of the corner of my eye. I thought it was a hummingbird but it was down low by the wall it turns out it was a monster grasshopper I think. So I start to record to see how close of a picture I can get and it flies away. Once airborne A bird dives and out of nowhere and snatches it in mid air. It scared the shit out of me. Man that was nuts!

That’s serious, “I just got a negative STD test” kind of excitement. I need to start getting baked.

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