People Shared The Things They Were Never Supposed To See And Wow, Lock Your Doors

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At some point in life, we’ve all walked in on something we weren’t supposed to be. Whether it was you walking in your parents going at it when you were younger, or you accidentally read a colleague’s emails over their shoulder while glancing and saw something you wished you hadn’t seen. These types of situations have happened to everyone on the planet. Below, a bunch of people shared their stories of seeing things they were never supposed to see. They range from seeing the F-117 Nighthawk before it was even announced to public to seeing the freaky deaky. What I’ve gleaned from reading through all of these is life would be a lot simpler if people would just lock their doors, or if they respected a locked door and left instead of going around the back (via AskReddit):

So I’m fresh out of school and taking a gap year before starting university. I’d managed to get a job working for the USAF at an airbase in the UK (details of the job aren’t important).
So, about 2am on this particular night in early 1988 the runway lights that are normally off come on briefly, for perhaps 30 seconds then go off. That’s when I hear something clearly landing on the runway and off to the right of the runway one of the larger hangars opens its doors. In the pitch black, the light from that hangar is quite spectacular. That’s when I see it, a small black triangular aircraft rolls straight into that hangar and within seconds the doors close behind it.
This was my honest thought when I saw that, “I was DEFINITELY not supposed to have seen that.” I put my cigarette (hey, I was young and dumb) out and walked back into my building.
A few weeks later we got our first pictures of the F-117 Nighthawk followed by a confirmation it existed. I smiled a little and thought to myself, “Already knew about that…”

When I started a new job, someone had left a bunch of HR files on the computer I was given. I opened one up, not sure what it was, and I got to see every employee’s salary in the company. Even the CEO. The next day, it was gone. My boss realized his mistake and logged in to my system and deleted the files.
It was a memorable experience.

Went to visit grandma and grandpa. The front door was locked so I went around through the back and found them gardening totally naked.

A long time friend of mines dad was showing me pics of a car he was restoring. He accidentally pulled up nude pics of my friends mom instead. He looked awkward for a minute. He never said anything and then just started looking at car pics like it never happened.

As a middle schooler, I picked up a book at the library, flipped through the pages and found an application for a replacement birth certificate for some old man. It had every detail about his personal identification on it, so naturally I took it home thinking, “I’ll just hold onto this incase I ever need to assume a fake identity by pretending to be an 80 year old man and flee the country.”
My mom found it and had to explain to me that no we don’t steal people’s identities.

I was working part-time at a library for a school subject. One day, they made me enter the data for new books into the library’s computer system. As I worked, I did something (don’t know what), that made Windows Outlook display onto the PC screen, along with some e-mails by the librarian’s director to my teacher and to the other librarians. The e-mails basically said that I was really good at my job and very hard-working, and that the collaboration would be very beneficial both for me and them.
I wasn’t supposed to read those messages, but they made me feel really happy.

Similar story to the f-117 at the top.
I was a contractor in Afghanistan working at Jalalabad air field (FOB Fenty). I woke up to take a piss and gave a cigarette. On the other side of the runway I saw a few helicopters take off but didn’t hear anything. I thought it was strange as the base was dead silent but didn’t think too much about it.
It was only later when I read the news that it was the SEAL team raid to kill bin Laden.
Because of my pea sized bladder I was probably the first non military or government person to see those stealth helicopters.

My dad’s bank account balance when I was ~12, stopped asking for things after that

Freshman year of college, walk into the kitchen area late at night and there’s my girlfriend sitting on the counter….making out with one of my good friends. I just left quietly without them noticing and cut off all contact with both of them. So, pretty sure I wasn’t supposed to see that.

When I was 14 and friend hosted a birthday party at his house with all the parents invited. Needed to use the restroom but the main one was occupied so my friend told me I can use the one in his moms bedroom. As I walked up to the door I could hear somebody in there so I decided to wait until whoever was in there was finished. A good 10 minutes later, my friends mom (who was hosting the party) and another good friends step-father walk out and see me standing there all confused. They asked what I was doing there and I just said I was waiting to use the bathroom. Surprisingly they played it cool and just said I can use it now and walked off.

Ben Affleck’s social security number.
Years ago I was working for a company that I could access different departments’ server files in. I was bored one day and was poking through those files to see what else the company had going on. I found a contract for a production deal with Ben Affleck, and his SSN was included (for payroll purposes). I closed the file because I knew I should not have been looking at that, even if it was accessible.
No, I didn’t retain it or remember it. No, I would not do anything with it if I did. I don’t care about his personal life.

My 6 year old cousin asked me if I wanted some chewing gum. I said sure, if she has some. She then goes to her mother’s purse and takes out two packages of condoms and asks me: What do you want, strawberries or banana?
Next thing I know, I’m shoving Durex packages in her mother’s purse saying “We should firstly ask your mom before going through her things”. So the kid doesn’t stop here, she takes the purse, goes in the kitchen where all the family was reunited and asked her mother: Mom, can I have some gum?” Her mom says she doesn’t have any. The freakin’ girl takes the condoms out of the purse and says: Sure you do, I want the strawberries ones please.

I used to work nights at a manufacturing plant. I went to the bathroom one night, picked out my favorite stall and sat on the toilet to spend the next 10 minutes contemplating life. After a few minutes, a male janitor walked in and started cleaning the bathroom. Another minute later, another male janitor came in to help. They were talking to each other in Spanish and then started kissing near the sinks, not realizing anyone was in the bathroom. I just sat there silently for a while not knowing what to do. After another minute or two of heavy kissing between the two, I decided to make a few noises so that they knew they weren’t alone. My toilet seat creaked when I moved. They both stopped their romance session, looked at my stall, giggled, and ran out of the bathroom leaving all of their cleaning stuff behind. I quickly cleaned up, flushed and ran out. I actually never saw those same janitors again.

I saw an employees check stub that he dropped. He had been there for a month and was making what I made after my first year and was not a very good worker. I got a raise

An obese, greasy feller, sitting fully naked on a toilet, a mix of pain and confusion and surprise on his face as I walked into his stall at a Sizzlers restaurant.
Stayed with me for a while, not gonna lie.

Our cat was a little late coming home one evening (unusual for him).
I went looking for him, calling his name, not massively loudly as it was late at night in a built up area.
As I walked around a corner to a car park, there he was. He looked like he was just having a bit of a chat with a fox. They looked relaxed, facing each other, sitting and chilling out.
I called his name and he looked at me, seemed flustered, looked back at the fox then me almost as if he was saying ‘he’s not with me, I don’t know him’.
I called him again and he chased the fox into the bushes before trotting over to me.
I’m sure I crossed an animal ‘line’.

Luckily I didn’t actually see it, but when I was about 10 years old I was awaken from sleep in our caravan by the sound my dad having sex with my aunt (both where drunk) in the other end of the caravan while my mom was passed out drunk outside.
Ah, fun vacation memories.

I saw a couple banging under a secluded water fall in the woods on a hiking trip with my parents when a was 12. Majestic AF.

Was playing at my friends house once. His grandparents were staying in his room, and I forgot. Totally ran in on them getting ready to have sex. It was awkward.

Opposite side: I got married towards the end of law school, and after graduating stayed with my parents for a few months while I prepped for the bar exam. My wife and I were fooling around, when my then-18-year-old brother opened the door and walked in to a perfect shot of us both spread eagle, touching each other’s bits.
That was the last time that door went unlocked.

My friends S.O.’s boobs. Went swimming and her top came completely off for a second.

I stumbled across a major case of fraud in my company. The owners son (J) was recently released from jail and needed to find adequate housing for himself to be able to be paroled. Someone in my company, I don’t know who, went into Quickbooks and edited 4 weeks of paychecks for an employee (K) to make it look like they belonged to J.
I only found out because J had asked if I could scan and email them to his potential landlord. I didn’t really think twice about it at first, but after talking to the bookkeeper and realizing things weren’t adding up, I went in to take a look and discovered what was done.
I forwarded a copy of the forged checks to my personal email from the work email, but other than that, I don’t know how to handle this situation. Saying anything at all could result in me losing this job and I sure as shit cannot afford to not be working or making any less than what I make right now.

My parents’ collection of sex toys – that was way more reality than my 10-year-old mind was prepared to handle

Walking in on my cousins railing each other….. Now I understand why they were close at thanksgiving.

When I moved (read kicked) out of my parents house, I had nothing but my car and money in my pocket. In order to get my affairs in order, I needed my birt certificate and my social security ID. I asked my dad about them for weeks, but him being the dick that he is, he wouldn’t give them to me (I was 19 at the time). I wait until everybody as gone, go into the house (door was unlocked) and go into his office to get my paperwork. He kept it locked in a safe that had every family members important paperwork in there and I knew where the key was. I found what I needed, but also saw something else in there. Bank receipts and paperwork going back about a year that I now know was an approved application for a home equity loan, for $160K. We alwas grew up thinking we had very little money and I was working and paying for my own medical/car/food since I was 15. I paid for myself to go to school and all my other expenses. I got out of dodge quick but I called my Mom about the whole situation, on how I was trying to get money for books and rent because I only ahd about $50 to my name and the financial aid was still processing. I told her I knew about the loan and that they had money because what other debt could they have? She was silent on the phone, but not because she knew I was right. She was stunned because this was the first she had heard of it. I told her I saw her signature on it and she said she never signed anything. This lead to a nasty divorce that lasted a year. It seems my dad had quite the life outside of his family. He had been hiding money elsewhere and spending it on everybody but his wife and three kids. He went as far as to even have a nice brand new fucking BMW that he kept in storage and would swap out to that one before heading to work as well as changing into fucking expensive ass clothes. All in all we found out that he had no less than three other kids with three different women, a handful of girlfriends on the side, vacations (without us) and a bunch of other crap. He had a secret life and kept it quiet for nearly 20 years. In total, at the end of the divorce, through investigating and bank records, it came to light that he was making close to $300K a year will full medical (none of us had it) and had banked close to $750K in a bank account that only he knew about. That was a decade ago, I continued with my life, got married, had kids and am now really close with everybody in my family but my father and he is not welcome in my house or near my children. I found out just recently that he is married (again) to the woman who signed for my mom on the loan that I saw that blew open the cover to his life.

Well, bros, that wraps up the coverage from my end but if you want to keep on reading these AskReddit stories you can CLICK HERE to see that thread in full!

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