These 16 Stories Of Colossal Sexual Failure Will Make Your Love Life Seem Like A Romance Novel

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worst sexual failures


Once again, the fine folks over at Reddit came up with another a topic guaranteed to entertain. Why is this topic guaranteed to entertain? Because it combines two of our favorite things: sex and epic fails.

This question asked to men by Redditor TheRavenousRabbit combined with the complete anonymity afforded those who utilize the site is just too hilarious to ignore.

The question posed to the guys? “What are your worst failures in the bedroom/during sex?”

The answers? Priceless.

Girlfriend was riding me cowgirl position. She looked so good up there that I just had to reach around and smack her on the ass. Unfortunately, I reached a little too far, and slapped my balls between her legs with great enthusiasm. Had to take a breather before we could continue lol. ~ groggyhippo

Moaned my own name out loud. Was turned on at the thought of her doing it, but i kinda thought out loud. ~ Evil_AppleJuice

Fell alseep while receiving a BJ. ~ Dispatter

Sneezed blood all over the back of a girl I was dating at the time in doggy style once. ~ Coidzor

Drunk, watching my gf (we’ll call her R) with another girl (Bl). I decide to have sex with R doggy style, but B was pretty tall, so R was close to the end of the bed. I tried to balance on the edge of the bed, fell off and cracked my head on the wall.

The girls did not notice. ~ 4_string_troubador

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