Stoya Breaks Her Silence In First Interview Since Accusing James Deen Of Rape

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After a week of one woman after another coming forward with allegations of sexual assault against James Deen, Stoya, Deen’s ex-girlfriend and fellow porn star has given her first interview since accusing him of raping her.

Last Sunday, Stoya took to Twitter with her accusations, beginning a firestorm of other women, including co-workers and exes, sharing horrific stories of attacks at the hands of Deen. However, after her initial tweets that was all we had heard from Stoya. Now though, she has spoken with The Guardian and we have a few more details as to the whats and whys related to her going public with her allegations.

She chose Twitter “because that’s where the record needed to be updated”. On Twitter and on Tumblr, she would still see posts from fans: “James and Stoya #relationshipgoals! That frightens me. That’s also something I don’t have any more control over than I have over what happened after I posted that tweet.”

The distance afforded by the film shoot created some safety, but Stoya was also tired of being silent, she said. “If I don’t say it now, then, when am I? Am I just going to carry it around for the rest of my life and keep it secret? Because secrets aren’t really a thing that I do.”

She was in San Francisco when it happened, Stoya said. She and Deen were not at work. I asked her what words she would use to describe it now. “If you hold someone down and fuck them while they say ‘no’ and ‘stop’ and use their fucking safeword, that is rape. But when it first happened, I felt numb. And I went to work the next day. And I went to work the day after that. And I did a scene with him two days after, maybe three days after, I’m not sure. Then I felt like I’d been violated by someone I trusted.” She said this was relationship violence. She said she would try to bring it up with him: what happened, what had he been thinking? He would tell her, she said, that her tears were “abusive”.

“It took me months and months and months,” she said, “over a year of months to be able to be able to call it what it was – which was rape.”

Fellow adult film star Arabelle Raphael, who was not one of the eight women who went on record last week, echoed the sentiments of many others in the industry…

“It was a big relief. Finally, someone had put it out there.” The porn scene isn’t all that huge, and this was especially close to home, she told me. Back in 2010, Raphael had done her first scene in porn with James Deen. Some years later, one of her close friends in the industry told her Deen had assaulted her.

“People knew,” Raphael said. “A lot of people knew. I don’t think everyone knew. And some people had really good experiences with him, but that doesn’t mean anything.”

Stoya went on to point out, correctly, that this issue isn’t just one for the industry in which she works, saying, “It’s not just a porn problem. It’s not just an entertainment problem. It’s easy to look at Bill Cosby and think, oh, he had access. No. It happens fucking everywhere.”

Deen has still yet to comment publicly since denying the initial claims by Stoya last Sunday on Twitter.

Read the entire piece, which includes even more comments from Stoya’s colleagues in the industry over at The Guardian

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