The Strange And Confusing Moment Your Mother-In-Law Gives You A Butt Plug For Your Birthday

by 4 years ago

Reddit user Bourbonboots uploaded the image you see above to Imgur with the caption “Received a gift from my mother in law.” He elaborates on the intriguing photo, “Opened a bday gift sent from my mother in law. This was the first item that came out. Had a million questions.” Such as, “How did she know that this was what I was secretly asking for my birthday?” and “How did she know my size?” and “Is this an ISIS symbol?”

He originally believed that his dear mother-in-law had given him a glass butt plug for his birthday, which is a thoughtful and personal gift, just maybe not when it comes from your mother-in-law. Lucky duck! All I get for my birthday from my mother-in-law is a $15 TGI Friday’s gift card.

However, after further inspection he realized there was a second part. No, not a larger butt plug.

“Oh. Decanter,” he said in relief or disappointment, nobody is judging.

So, I wonder what he’s going to do with a glass container with no cover?