This Old Man’s Struggle With Contact Cement Is The Realest Thing You’ll Watch Today

We’ve all been this old man at some point in our lives. Just struggling over something so unnecessary, putting ourselves through hell and back for something completely useless. There’s no reason to combine two cans of contact cement, but this man’s attempt to wrangle the two together is nothing short of a shitshow.

It’s a solid flashback to junior high art class — I’d slave for hours on making the perfect birdhouse, only for it to look like this:


And do this:


And that, kids, is why old Brandon here ended up with a career as a sad, chubby blogger in this prestigious corner of the Internet. It’s the only skill I have besides strategically hiding beers in my fridge “for a later date” and not holding up the line at Chipotle with a ridiculous order. I’m pretty good at not wasting slices of pizza and picking the shortest line at the grocery store and toll booths, too, but that’s hardly a skill that pays the rent.

I guess I’ll always have manners. Thats a life skill you can be proud of, right Mom and Dad?