Stubby Legged Corgi Is The Sisyphus Of The Canine World, Every Time He Almost Catches The Hose The Water Shuts Off

by 3 years ago

YouTube / Jukin Video

He can try as hard as he wants, but the fact of the matter is that adorable stubby-legged corgi is NEVER going to catch that hose water. That corgi is the Sisyphus of the Canine Kingdom. He’ll never know what success tastes like (water, it tastes like water from a hose), because he’ll never catch that hose as long as he’s running around on those four stunted legs that give corgis their signature appearance.

Don’t feel bad for this corgi, don’t feel bad at all. For those of you who aren’t overly familiar with the nuances with each and every dog breed let me drop some knowledge on you: cute as they might be due to those tiny little legs, Corgi’s are in fact among the MOST OBNOXIOUS of all dog breeds. All they do is bark. They bark at anything and nothing, they bark when there’s no reason to bark. They bark and then they bark some more because the barking got them all jacked up for a round of barking. That’s the true nature of the corgi: obnoxious barking dogs.

That said, here’s that adorable dog, once again unable to catch the hose water, only this time it’s in animated GIF:


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