Teacher Arrested For Having Sex With Student In Her Basement While Another Student Was ‘Waiting His Turn’

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A math teacher named Erica Mesa, 28, recently admitted to having sex with two students aged 16 to 18, as well as plead guilty to two counts of “electronic solicitation of a minor” and “contributing to the delinquency of a minor.” Police only became involved once officials at Colonial Ford High School were anonymously tipped off that Mesa had allegedly had sex with a male student, and once an investigation had begun it was revealed that one of the students was only 16 years old when the “relationship” started.

Mesa allegedly sent nude photos of herself to the students, as well as allegedly had sex with them at her home while her husband wasn’t around. Oh, and in her SUV too. Because if you’re going to have sex with underage students you may as well make it as trashy and headline-worthy as possible.

According to the Daily Mail, Mesa “…admitted to having sex with one teen while another was in her basement waiting his turn. She told authorities she had done it because it made her feel ‘attractive and wanted.’” Take note, everybody. If you’re ever feeling ugly and fat the best way to fix that is to be a pedophile and have sex with people who aren’t of age to be able to legally consent. If that’s not good advice then I don’t know what is.


But what do I know? Apparently Mesa isn’t a pedophile and I’m wrong about everything in life, since according to her defense attorney

“She is not a pedophile,” Gardner said. “She was not preying on people who had no interest in participating.”

No, she just preyed on people who were too stupid to know when to say no, which might even be worse.

Mesa currently faces a maximum of 22 years in prison and has been in jail since her arrest this past September.

[H/T Daily Mail, images via Our Wedding & Stafford County Sheriff’s Office]

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