4 Students Arrested After Brutal Brawl Ends With Teacher Getting Knocked Out

by 1 year ago

We take you to Cheltenham High School in Pennsylvania where a ferocious fight erupted that was so violent that when the dust settled four students were arrested and a teacher was knocked unconscious. The school announced that extra security will remain in place this week and next week because of the violent outburst and because there have been at least a dozen fights in the last month.

On Wednesday morning around 7:30 a.m., the brutish brawl broke out in the halls of the school including several students. During the fracas, eight teachers were injured, four taken to the hospital, and one female instructor was knocked out.

At one point, a substitute teacher attempts to break up a fight between two students. Instead, she gets inadvertently hit in the face with an elbow and is down for the count. She is said to have suffered a concussion. The substitute teacher has been released from the hospital, but a union representative said she was “in bad shape.”

I’m not saying the teacher faked being knocked out, but even LeBron would be proud of that teacher’s flop.

I mean, it’s almost like she thought to herself, “I could try to break up this fight and possibly get hurt or I could fake getting hurt and get a month paid vacation.”



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