Stupid Segway Handsfree Scooter Gets The Fate It Deserves By Exploding On The Sidewalk

by 2 years ago


I hate these self-balancing scooters — a.k.a. “hoverboards” — with the fire of a thousand angry Jim Moras. Words cannot describe how much I hate them, cheap exploding Chinese batteries and all. They’re the herpes of getting from point A to point B. And there is no bigger way to label yourself as a douchebag than by riding one around in public, potentially hurting pedestrians with your motorized laziness.

This guy found out the hard way how dumb these overpriced pieces of plastic junk actually are. He was riding his hoverboard down the sidewalk in Los Angeles when it caught on fire and exploded.

$600 down the drain. Can we wise up as a society and stop the madness with these things?



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