This Story About A Husband Who Superglued His Cheating Wife’s Vagina Shut Makes Me Wish I Had A Penis

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On second thought, I lied. Considering that we’ve heard stories about cheating men getting their testicles chopped off, having their dicks cut off TWICE after having it surgically reattached, and just your general crazy chicks chopping dicks and screaming “If I can’t have you, no one can!” it seems safer to have a vagina these days than it does to have a penis.

Then again…getting your vagina superglued shut is horrifying as hell too.

The green-eyed husband became obsessed with the idea that his 40-year-old wife was sleeping with her uncle after he dropped her off at home one day in South Africa.

Locking her in a bedroom the 45-year-old forced her to strip while pointing a machete at her and threatened to chop her head off if she did not do as he said.

The distraught woman said: “He had previously tried to cut my hand off so I was terrified.

“He ordered me to lie down and open my legs and then took out super glue and applied it to my vagina.”

“I had tears streaming down my face and was begging him to stop, but he didn’t seem to care”

…The woman later tried to remove the glue but is now scarred for life which means she won’t be able to have sex again and suffers terribly from the pain.

The woman reportedly wants to see her husband arrested, but is afraid he’ll come back and chop her head off. Pretty valid concern, since he was deranged enough in the first place to forcefully glue her vagina shut.

I’ve only got one problem with this story…where are the names? The places? It’s all so vague. Now before you go and start bitching about how I made all of this up, calm the fuck down and realize that this came from the Mirror, a publication that I have no association with whatsoever but continually peruse to find lovely horror stories such as the one you read above. So take it as truth or take it as fake, but either way be glad that your significant other isn’t this deranged…or are they?

[H/T Mirror, header image via Shutterstock]


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