Survey Reveals Where Girls Love To Be Touched During Sex And Weird–The Knee Cap Wasn’t On The List?

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Just when you thought all you had to do during sex was insert your chess piece into your lover and sheepishly pump while laying on her like a triple stack pancake because your triceps are too weak to hold yourself up, a wrinkle has been added into the sex game.

Apparently, we’re supposed to be touching our women during sex? You mean it’s not enough just to sweat on them and shout things that sound sexy in your head but are grounds for legal action when the pass through your lips (I’ve never not regretted dirty talk. It sounds pathetic 11 out of 10 times.)

But as men and lovers, it is our responsibility to improve. For her, for us, and so she doesn’t fuck Chad from the Finance department at her work.

A new study by SKYN Condoms and the AMP agency surveyed 5,117 girls aged 18 to 34 to reveal where women really like to be touched during sex. The genitals were left off the list because, obviously.

5.) Stomach

The tummy came in last place–with only 4 percent of the girls claiming it to be their favorite place they liked touched. This shouldn’t come to much surprise if you’ve ever seen a group picture of girls at the beach–you can almost feel them sucking in. Who am I kidding, I do that shit too.

4.) The Back

6 percent of girls said having their backs stroked is their hot spot. Maybe not during sex, but a back scratched after sex is like sex without the crying. Heaven.

3.) The Butt

15 percent of the girls surveyed said the ass is the money spot for them during sex. A girl grabbed my ass during sex once and we had to call the Fire Department to cut her hands out of the tangled mess. We stopped seeing each other.

2.) The Neck

In maybe the most surprising stat–28 percent of women like to be touched in the neck during sex. It doesn’t specify whether these are kisses or straight up chokeholds, but in my experience, a surprising number of girls have interest in living out their WWE fantasy. Me? I do enough choking in the privacy of my own bedroom with Brazzers streaming and a moist towelette handy.

And the number 1 most desired place women like to be touched during sex IS…..




34 percent of women get the most sexual satisfaction from having their nipples caressed. I don’t think there’s a man reading this who is unhappy with this statistic. That would have sucked if this answer was “the back of the knee” or something and we’d all collectively realize we’ve been doing this sex thing all wrong all along.

I feel like I should make up for the Chip Douglas nipple GIF. My apologies.

So there it is, bros. You’re one step closer to being the Sex God you already think you are.

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