SWAT Team Raids Home After Wi-Fi Debacle

by 6 years ago

The resulting coverage has typically cast this as a cautionary tale showing why everyone should lock down their wireless networks. And also an example of police overreaction. But if you're feeling a little utopian—and it's Friday, anything is possible!—imagine instead a world where everyone left their wireless networks open all the time, for anyone to use. If it was normal for dozens of passing strangers to log into any one private wireless network every day, the fact that a crime was committed using it would no longer be justification enough for a warrant to bust down the door. Police might have to actually, you know, investigate the crimes instead of simply tracing an IP to a house and going all Ruby Ridge.

The video seems to be exclusive to this website, but its definitely worth a watch.

[H/T: Gawker]


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