You Can Buy This Entire Town In South Dakota (Saloon Included) For $250,000


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There’s an entire town in South Dakota that’s up for sale. The Town of Swett initially hit the market with a price tag of $399,000 but the asking price has since dropped down to a cool $250,000. For the record, the current asking price is less than the cost of an Aston Martin Vanquish ($279K). The supposedly haunted town features a saloon, a home, and several acres for you to make use of.

All in all the Town of Swett boasts 6.16 acres, the Swett Tavern, and an empty house. The tavern looks pretty dope though, if you’re into rustic country taverns/saloons, which I am:

The Rapid City Journal reports:

Twice owned by Lance Benson, who lost the unincorporated hamlet in a divorce, gained it back in 2012, then lost it again last month to the Gordon, Neb., bank that held the mortgage, Swett is now a ghost town with a closed tavern, an empty haunted house, 6.16 acres of prime prairie real estate and a price tag that has been dropped from $399,000 to $250,000.
“I think it’s helped my business,” said Montgomery, a veteran real estate agent, as she displayed a can wrap with “Don’t let your can Swett,” and “Town for Sale” printed on it, one of 2,000 she had produced when she first listed the property in July 2014. “It’s been a year and a half and people still want to know about Swett.”
When the Rapid City Journal first published the story on July 2, 2014, of a small town for sale about two hours southeast of Rapid City, it set off a media firestorm that resulted in worldwide coverage and hundreds of phone calls and emails from prospects as far away as Australia, Russia, China and Germany, Montgomery said.
According to the real estate listing for Swett, a post office was established in the local grocery store in 1932, owned by a farmer named Swett. In 1945, the government decided the town was too small and closed the post office. Since that time, Swett has been known for the popular Swett Tavern. The property, which comes with the tavern, without its liquor license, also includes a large garage and a residence that locals believe to be haunted.

So you don’t get a post office or a grocery store, but there is a large garage for you to store all your shit in. I don’t know bros, this sounds like one hell of a deal this holiday season. I don’t recall a single Black Friday or Cyber Monday deal that can even compare to owning an entire town for just $250,000.

As Business Insider notes, with a price tag of only $250,000 buying the town of Swett, South Dakota just might be the perfect gift for that person in you life who already has everything. Also, I know that all of our readers fall somewhere on the spectrum between ‘hood rich’ and ‘wealthy’ I know that about 85% of you have a quarter million dollars sitting around to invest on your very first town. For more details on how to buy Swett, South Dakota you can follow the links above to Business Insider and/or the Rapid City Journal!