Taekwondo Bro Delivers BRUTAL Knockout With A Roundhouse Kick That Would Make Chuck Norris Proud

After posting that video the other day of Penn State’s Anthony Zettel roundhouse kicking in the locker room, I started thinking about how there’s an entire generation of kids who never watched Walker, Texas Ranger growing up. Hell, these little dweebs probably don’t even know who Chuck Norris is beside an occasional Total Gym infomercial reference. That’s a damn shame because (A. Delta Force is one of the greatest ’80s action movies of all time and (B. Walker, Texas Ranger had some of the most ridiculous fight scenes of all time. It was simply impossible to not want to take karate or Taekwondo or kung fu or judo after watching that show. I mean… JUST WATCH THIS SCENE and try not to laugh:

Anyway, the Taekwondo stud in the video above just takes down his opponent with a beastly roundhouse kick to the face. What a champ.