Taiwan’s ‘Strongest Grandfather’ Is Still Ripped At The Ripe Old Age Of 72

by 9 months ago

If you need motivation to hit the gym today look no further than Huang Ching-hsin. This jacked grandpa is 72-years-old old, but you couldn’t tell his age by his impressive workout regiment in the gym. The man known as “Taiwan’s Strongest Grandfather,” routinely outperforms guys at the gym who are half (third) (quarter) his age.

The ridiculously ripped grandpa is a farmer from Pingtung, which is in south-western Taiwan. But Huang doesn’t just get it done in the fields, he’s kicking ass in the gym too. The strongest grandfather gets rock-hard abs and toned pecs from his intense gym regimen that including pushups, pull-ups, and crunches. The 72-year-old can bench press 264lbs. His ripped physique has caused him to get a second nickname, “Real-life Master Roshi,” based on the muscle-bound, white-bearded martial arts master from Japan’s popular cartoon “Dragon Ball.”

Huang Ching-hsin has gone viral this week, but he isn’t looking for attention and said that he exercises “for fun.” So don’t make any excuses for not going to the gym today and if this 72-year-old can have a ripped six-pack so can you.


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