Fuck Your Selfie Stick And Take Pictures Of Your Ass Instead With The Belfie Stick

by 4 years ago


Selfies are great and all. They let you get to see what a person looks like. Are they attractive? Would I do them? You know, important question.

But that’s such a superficial look at a person. What you really want to know is how good is that person’s ass and whether you’d tap it.

Now, people, instead of sharing photos of their stupid faces, can take pictures of their asses. With the Belfie Stick.

What is the Belfie Stick? Well, like the picture above shows, it’s a specially-designed stick to help you take photos of your butt. No need for a mirror and an awkward angle. Just this weird stick thing.

Apparently, actual research went into it. From Business Insider‘s Taylor Lorenz:

Before creating the product, On.com polled over 10,000 selfie experts. They found that many users wanted to highlight their assets from behind, but had difficulty maneuvering this type of shot with a traditional selfie stick. They created the product to meet this demand.

I’d say I weep for the world, but I’m just excited to get more high-quality pictures of asses.

You can buy it here if you feel so inclined.

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