This Teacher Allegedly Threatened To Have One Of Her Students Assassinated By Gypsies Unless He Had Sex With Her

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There are a zillion believable threats teachers could throw your way in order to coerce you into having sex with them, like giving you a failing grade, detentions, assigning extra homework, calling your parents in for a conference and then shitting all over you…all believable threats.

But (allegedly) saying you’re going to have some poor kid assassinated by gypsies unless he gives it up to you? Not so much.

An “obsessive” teaching assistant who had sex with her pupil threatened to have him shot by gypsies at the end of their affair, a court heard today.

The boy, 16, told how married Helen Turnbull accessed school records for his address and was seen sitting outside in the street after their secret trysts in the back of her car.

Mum-of-two Turnbull, 35, allegedly had sex with him three times in the back of the black Mini convertible after grooming which began when he was 12 with cuddles in class.

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While yes, being assassinated by gypsies probably shouldn’t be a legitimate concern, according to the unnamed boy a carnival was coming to town and Turnbull had told him “You deserve shooting, I am going to get a contract out with a family of gypsies.” I wasn’t aware until now that gypsies travel around with carnivals, but I don’t know enough about gypsies to say that’s incorrect, so I guess that’s sound logic.

The boy stated that he and Turnbull argued over “stupid stuff” because he kept coming up with excuses not to see her. According to him, despite their disagreements they were able to meet three times for sex in the back of her car.

Classy lady.

He told how Turnbull – whom he called “Miss Robson”, the name she used in class – would straddle him on the back seat.

Of their second encounter, he said: “She put my hand down the front of her leather trousers.”

Afterwards Turnbull, of Haswell, Co Durham, handed him a packet of 10 cigarettes, he added.

On the third occasion, she performed a sex act on him in the front of the car before they moved to the back.

Via Mirror

In court the boy stated that Turnbull had become “obsessive” towards the end of their relationship and that she had even showed up at his house despite him never giving her his address. Thirsty much? I think so.

Turnbull is now facing three charges of sexual activity with a child (remember, he was 12 at the time) by a person in position of trust, but only admits to one charge that involves kissing the boy.

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