Female High School Teacher Allegedly Had Lesbian Relationship With Student, Principal Reportedly Tried To Hide It

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Pelagia Papoutsis (wowzer the name on that one) is currently being investigated after allegations surfaced that she had an affair with a 17-year-old student at William Cullen Bryant high school during her employment as a math teacher. While the affair is said to have taken place years ago and that the girl has since graduated, the student in question brought the inappropriate relationship to light by confiding in her former gym teacher, Peter Maliarakis, via Facebook messages. In the following messages the student also claims that Principal Dwarka knew about the relationship but “played along”:


Peter Maliarakis


Peter Maliarakis

Maliarakis reported the student’s allegations to the special commissioner of investigation for the New York City school district in July, leading to Papoutsis being escorted off school property on September 4th, the Friday before classes started. According to Maliarakis in a statement given to Daily Mail,

Maliarakis told DailyMail.com: ‘Students are being neglected a proper education and the principal and her inner circle loyalists are committing many crimes.

‘They are getting away with it because the Department of Education and investigatory agencies are sweeping all investigations under the rug.

‘It’s the perfect corruption circle for all this to continue without consequence.’

While New York’s age of consent is 17 meaning criminal charges would not be filed despite the child being a minor, the abuse of power from a teacher onto his/her student could lead to said teacher being fired.

Neither Papoutsis, Dwarka nor the former student have been willing to give the press official statements, however one other Bryan teacher reportedly told colleagues that Papoutsis had “…expressed a desire to pursue the student romantically, once calling her ‘the girl of my dreams.'”

[H/T Daily Mail & NY Post]

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