Teacher Bans Bottle Flipping Then Trolls Them With His Own Bottle Flipping Trick Shot Video

by 8 months ago

This teacher was fed up with his students constantly attempting water bottle flipping tricks in his classroom. So on December 6, 2016, he banned water bottle flipping. On December 7, 2016, the teacher began making this impressive bottle flipping video.

Mr. Marshall secretly hates the kids at the school and all of their goddamn bottle flipping. And he has set out on a mission to show his students just how vapid and simple water bottle flipping is. The highlight reel by Mr. Macklemore, errr I mean Mr. Marshall, features not only water bottle flipping but popular internety things such as cats, emojis, dabbing, and memes.

The trick shot video is splendid, however, too bad the joke is on Mr. Marshall. In the six months that it took the teacher to make his water bottle flipping video, the kids had already moved onto fidget spinners like two months ago. You may have as well banned planking and the Harlem Shake from your classroom.


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