Teacher In Jail For Sex With 5 Students On Her ‘Bucket List’ Told One ‘You Look Amazing, I Just Became A Pedophile’

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49-year-old Michelle Mellinger may not be the HOTTEST teacher involved in a student sex scandal we’ve ever covered (and by “may not” I mean “avert ye eyes unless ye want to become flaccid for life”), but damn is she prolific. Arrested after her coworkers at McKeesport Area High School overheard students talking about having sex with her, Mellinger was sentenced to between 11.5 and 23 months in jail after pleading guilty to multiple charges.

A light sentence, considering the fucked up texts she sent to her victims:

The boys said that mum Mellinger texted them before picking them up and taking them to her home.

She drove one to another house and had sex with him in a bedroom.
Mellinger slept with one after telling him he was on her “bucket list”.

She told one student: “I prefer younger people to older people.”

Via text she told another: “Wow, you look amazing. I just became a paedophile.”

But one teenage student spurned her advances and “took off running” when she undressed at her home.(via)

And while any normal, sane, non-kiddie-diddling person would feel remorse for their crimes, Judge Donna Jo McDaniel said that Mellinger only made excuses for herself and refrained from taking responsibility for her actions.



After her release from prison, Mellinger still has a year of house arrest and five years of probation to look forward to after completing her jail time for five counts of having intercourse or sexual contact with students, and one count of sexual assault.

But is she worse than this teacher who allegedly had sex with six of her students for over a year? That’s for you to decide:

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