Is This High School Teacher Who Jumped Out A Window Trying Too Hard To Be Cool Or Nah?

by 3 years ago

My gut instinct is to hate on this guy, but I can’t. I have too many friends that are teachers and I all respect the hell out of them. I couldn’t do what they do on a daily basis. I know all the snarky loser hipsters out there will roll their eyes and be like “try hard!” but the bottom line is that this guy is getting kids excited about whatever it is they’re learning. Education comes alive! English or social studies or the golgi apparatus (literally the only thing I remember about biology class) or something. Man, that’s special, even if it takes jumping out of a damn window.

I probably wouldn’t have failed calculus if old Mr. Jones was jumping out of windows to explain derivatives as the slope of the tangent line.

I still don’t know what anything I just typed means. But hey, at least I moved out of my parents basement at the age of 30.

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