Teacher Who Slept With Student, Texted Him ‘You Are So Hot,’ Now Forced To Pay For Disciplinary Proceedings

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24-year-old Kelsey Rebekah Allen was a P.E. and health teacher at Morrinsville College in 2014 when she was found to be having an inappropriate sexual relationship with an 18-year-old student. A following investigation discovered that the relationship at that point had been going on for three moths and that the pair had exchanged 8,000 texts between each other, including texts obtained by Stuff.Co.Nz such as:

“Of course I was going to fall for you.. Why wouldn’t I! You’re incredible you are so hot.. Everytime I see you I just wanna kiss you …,” read one text.

“…[you’re] the cutest sleeper! You made little noises.. How do you know me so well it’s been like a couple of months.”(via)

However, it wasn’t until the student’s rejected girlfriend reported Allen to the police that the affair between herself and the student was discovered. Initially claiming that the student’s ex-girlfriend had made up the story for attention, Allen reportedly denied any type of sexual relationship. Unfortunately for Allen, the allegations were eventually proven true and she officially lost her teacher registration this past September.

Since losing her job, Allen has reportedly struggled to find work and is currently living with her parents. To add insult to injury, she has now been ordered to pay $3,500 towards the cost of her disciplinary proceedings.

The starting point for teachers who need to pay costs is normally 50 per cent, a decision by tribunal chairman Kenneth Johnston said.

But it decreased that to a third in Allen’s case, due to her financial position.

The Complaints Assessment Committee – which investigates complaints and prosecutes serious misconduct before the tribunal – incurred costs of $10,689.

In a written decision from September 2015, the tribunal said Allen had been actively dishonest with the school principal and the council after her relationship with the student.(via)

While Allen remains unemployed, there is a possibility that she may one day be able to teach again – the decision passed down to her in which her teaching registration was revoked reportedly included that “This is a case in which it is not especially difficult to envisage that after a suitable period of time, and perhaps after the respondent has demonstrated her ability to make a success of a different walk of life, and had a period of reflection, her being able to resume her career as a teacher.”

[Via Stuff.Co.Nz]

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