Teaching Assistant Had Sex With Student Over 50 Times, Told Him She Was Pregnant With His Child

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Manchester Evening News

An unidentified underage student has come forward to the courts to tell how teaching assistant Caroline Berriman, 30, seduced him over a period of several months that led to the two of them having regular, unprotected sex over 50 times. Berriman, who once taught at Abraham Moss Community School, admitted to “two counts of sexual activity with a child” last week and was able to avoid jailtime. According to Daily Mail, the two first met up in person after she had asked for his phone number on Facebook, eventually leading to the two “going for drive and watching TV together,” according to the boy.

The boy told The Sun reporter Paul Keaveny: ‘We would call and text each other all the time and it got more and more into a sort of relationship.

Then she started ringing me on weekends, asking if I was going round to hers.

‘It slowly got more serious. It got to a point where her daughter was calling me ‘dad’. I used to say to her “I’m not, I’m your mum’s friend”.’

However, once Berriman told the minor that she was pregnant with his child, he quickly panicked and the “relationship” began to unravel:

He said: “The first time it happened I was sat on the couch and she put her arm over me and started kissing me.

“I started kissing her back and it just went on from there.

“It must have happened over 50 times in the space of those few months.”

Jack [unidentified minor] believed he was in love but his world started to unravel when Berriman told him he had got her pregnant.

He said: “Stuff like that has scarred me for life.”

The stress of the relationship led him to confide in his older brother.

Jack’s mum then got wind of it and ordered him to end it or she would call cops.(via)

In a state of panic after learning that the mother had learned what was going on, Berriman told the minor that she had borrowed over $20,000 from her parents so that the two could run away together, then showed up at his house and had a meltdown.

He said: “She just started crying and punching things in her car, smashing her glasses and just saying ‘please please’.”

She drove the teenager back to her house where she carried on pleading with him.

Jack said: “She was like ‘if you don’t come it’s going to break my daughter’s heart, it’s going to break my heart, everything that I’ve risked for you’.(via)

Berriman received a two-year suspended sentence and 250 hours of unpaid community work after pleading guilty.

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