Ted Cruz Offered $1 Million To Be In Porn After Old Video Of Him Saying He’d Be In ‘Teen Tit Film’ Unearthed

by 2 years ago

If Ted Cruz needs campaign money he can make a quick million by living out a boyhood fantasy. The 2016 presidential candidate, who pulled off an upset win at the Iowa caucus, has been offered $1 million by Vivid Entertainment for him to star in a porn movie. The offer was not only to satisfy Vivid Entertainment’s curiosity and cause massive vomiting by viewers everywhere, but to also make a nearly 30 year dream come true for Cruz.

Vivid’s head Steve Hirsch said in a statement obtained by TMZ that he would “donate $1 million to your campaign through any Super Pac you want” if Cruz showed off his “sexual prowess for all the world to see.” Hirsch stated, “I noticed one goal was to be a porn star and I want to give you a chance to do just that.” The founder of the porn conglomerate even comes up with a catchy title for the movie, “Cruzin for Bush,” but I think an actual Ted Cruz slogan used by his staff (Seen in the photo above) also works splendidly.

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