Couple Films Themselves Screwing Around In A Self-Driving Tesla X And It’s A Reminder That The Future Is Now

I’m so ready for self-driving cars. Mostly because I look forward to being able to use that free time doing something else besides concentrating on the road. You know — shaving, picking at my toe cheese, contemplating dumb hot sauce purchases on Amazon Prime (use it or lose it!). Driving is a great experience, but if the machines can do it better than we humans can, screw it — I’m all for giving up the thrill to our Skynet overlords.

This couple fired up the GoPro and had some fun with the self-driving feature on the new Tesla X, Elon Musk’s badass new Falcon Wing car. Just a matter of time until someone gets pulled over for doing something lewd and kinky with the Tesla X auto-pilot feature on.

The future is now. Isn’t it wonderful?

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