Tesla’s Autopilot Crash Detection Is Crazy Futuristic And This Footage Is Blowing My Mind Right Now

by 2 years ago

There has been so much coverage and hype surrounding Tesla’s autopilot crash detection feature. It’s an autonomous feature that saves lives, and it’s activated when the car detects an accident on the horizon and either slams the brakes or maneuvers out of the way.

I haven’t experienced this Tesla feature firsthand. In fact, I’ve only even ridden in a Tesla twice and both times they were Ubers. It’s hard to get a sense of just how game-changing the autopilot crash detection feature is without sitting in the driver’s seat as the mayhem unfolds and the car takes over. But this supercut of dashcam footage showing instances when the crash detection kicked in does do a solid job at showing just how fast and effective Tesla’s autopilot is.

Is Tesla’s autopilot crash detection feature 100% effective? How the fuck should I know?! I’m not a Tesla engineer. I’m sure they wouldn’t roll this out to the general public if it wasn’t nearly flawless, but there’s always an element of improbability even if there is only a .0000001% chance of something happening.

I’m not sure that owning a Tesla makes sense for me at this point in life when the next big purchase I’d like to make is a twin-engine center console boat that will allow me to shoot 100-miles offshore in the Gulf of Mexico. It might be wrong of me to assume that Teslas don’t have the towing power to haul boats on trailers around the country, but I’d be shocked to find out they do. In the meantime, I’d really love to see every American automobile manufacturer start licensing this autopilot crash detection from Tesla because it genuinely makes the roads safer.

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