Testicle-Eating Fish Found Off the Coast of Sarasota, Florida

by 4 years ago


My nuts hurt just from writing that headline. I suppose I must go on, though.

Tom Rigby, an angler who was fishing off the coast of Sarasota, FL, caught a pacu (pictured above) last month. This would be terrific for him since pacu are native to South America and it’s a rare catch. Only the real catch here is that pacu are related to piranha and, like a coward in a fight, they have been known to go after men’s testicles. So what I’m getting at here is that having them live off the coast of Florida is fantastic news everyone in Sarasota, including the department of tourism.

My ballbag seriously hurts from writing this. Or maybe that pain is because my hot computer is on my lap frying them? Either way, I’m done here. And I’d leave by saying, “stay out of the water, Florida,” but we all know Florida does what Florida wants.

[H/T My Sun Coast]

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