NOPE: Texas Bro Walked Into His Garage And Found This Wolf Spider And All Its Wolf Spider Babies

by 3 years ago

We got this email earlier today and the moment I opened the attachment I wanted to pour boiling oil in my eyes.

ame: Greg in Texas
Subject: Wolf Spider in Texas
Message: I found this hideous demon aka The Wolf Spider in my garage yesterday. It had countless babies on it’s back. Needless to say I had to torch it. The mother clearly made a poor decision for her family. No way they would be living in my house!


Every inch of my skin is CRAWLING. But you did the right thing, Greg. I’ve said it before, but that piece of shit spider was trespassing on private property. You have a right to protect what’s yours, and that includes protecting your ability to sleep at night knowing that motherfucker and all its shitbag children are dead and not…ya know… crawling up your asshole while you’re passed out.

[H/T Reader Email]


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