This Horror Story Is A Good Reason To Never Send Nudes To Strangers

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Pretty solid TIFU story. I can’t tell if it’s a guy or a girl, but honestly gender doesn’t matter here. What matters is the life lesson of not sending nudes to random strangers because you never know when you’ll meet them IRL. This person ended up doing just that with a potential employer.

Or maybe the real takeaway here is to never send nudes to randos while on a job hunt. That’s probably a little more realistic.

Ladies and gents, let me get this out of the way; I’m no saint.

I go on craigslist often to post personal ads, which of course includes the occasional faceless nude picture being on the ad (I’ve never forsaken my anonymity straight off). I got emails from a lot of guys and one of them was particularly interesting, so I sent him a message asking him about himself last night. He says he’s married and is a rich director of a company – I found out his name as well but we both went faceless.

We exchanged nudes, did the usual cyber thing. Dirty talked, roleplayed, we even exchanged numbers.

Today I went to a new opening of a higher-end office for the last stage of a job interview. I met the director and it seemed to take off very well and I have been offered the job on the spot and he said he’ll call me tonight; it was really great and a wonderful moment.

Until he gave me his business card – I saw his first and last name. It was actually the guy I cybered with last night. My potential new boss has seen me naked, and I have seen him naked, and lastly we still have each other’s numbers our phone book.

It’s a ticking timebomb until he actually realizes he already has his candidate’s number in his phonebook.
edit: It’s 6pm, I have not been contacted yet.

UPDATE: I got a call from my boss fifteen minutes ago. At felt at ease since he called me from the office number. We talked about the job, but then he did bring up the online sex thing we did (which I was hoping at some point he wouldn’t have noticed). I ended up panicking and breaking down crying on the phone asking him to forgive me where he was telling me to calm down. He said it was okay but I felt terrible.

We came to an agreement that it’s behind us and I can continue working with the company. I’m actually relieved but uncomfortable at the same time?

I got an email from him right after.

edit: I called him offering an apology, I think we might have had a genuine moment here, he also confessed he’s not rich. And through my research the company isn’t that rich either – higher-average at best, they just have a nice office. I don’t know how to feel to be honest, but I don’t think I care anymore.

Here’s the e-mail:


Meanwhile, there’s nothing an Edible Arrangement can’t solve:

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