The 10 Smoothest Bros in America

by 6 years ago

Christopher Walken
His deadpan style of speaking is a little choppy, but everything else about one of America’s screen treasures reeks of awesome. He’s the unpredictable psycho you want to be with a head of hair only he could pull off. Walken marches to the beat of his own drum – one paired with a ton of cowbell.

Derek Jeter
It would be easier to make a list of beautiful women he hasn’t dated. Like moths to the flame, they just flock to the New York Yankees captain. He’s beloved by millions, but he’s greatest accomplishment is being tolerated in Boston. Takes a special dude to pull that off.

Matt Lauer
No one, living or dead, has ever been better at his job. He stares past the index cards to the faces of world leaders, superstars, and professional spinsters – and does so without ever breaking stride. His brain may be more impressive than Usain Bolt’s legs.

George Clooney
Million-dollar paychecks, the best movie roles, girls as far as the eye can see, a pristine Italian mansion? Anyone who wouldn’t trade places with Clooney is .39 seconds is a deeply disturbed egomaniac.

Hugh Hefner
Here’s to the world’s bravest pioneer in the world’s most important field. No one has done more for men looking to ogle and no one has done more to make wearing pajamas in public socially acceptable.

Justin Timberlake
The one guy Bros don’t mind their girl fantasizing about. You’d think that someone so successful, talented and charismatic would be a threat, but he’s just so damn personable.

David Blaine
Hey, magic is cool. If you disagree, well, you’re just wrong and your seven-year-old self hates what you’ve become.

Bill Clinton
He used to be the leader of the free world, but that didn’t stop him from acting like a freshman pledge after a wild Welcome Week night. Now that he’s got that pesky detail of running the nation out of the way, his life consists of showing up someplace awesome, shaking a few hands, and knocking back a few cold ones. Good work – if you can get it.

Tom Brady
Somehow, the dorky, lumpy sixth-round draft pick landed one of the hottest women on the planet and stamped his Hall of Fame ticket in a five-year span. Remarkable transformation. He’s so good that no one even cares that he wears Uggs.

Keith Stone
A hero for the average Joe. A champion for the working man. Quite possibly the only man to dial a phone with beef jerky.

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