The 22 Hottest Aliens of All Time

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Connie Coneheads

21. Connie in “The Coneheads”

Actress: Laraine Newman

If Chris Farley as a mechanic can pull this alien hottie, then she's clearly open for business.

Three Boobs Girl Total Recall

20. Mary the Three-Boobed Prostitute in “Total Recall”

Actress: Lycia Naff

Three b**bs. Mutant. Prostitute. Done.

Call Girl Mars Attacks

19. Martian Call Girl in “Mars Attacks!”

Actress: Lisa Marie Smith

She tried to kill our President but I'll forgive her because of her beautiful disguise.

Oola Star Wars

18. Oola in “Star Wars”

Actress: Femi Taylor

She tried to defy Jabba the Hut and ended up getting eaten by the monster under the trap door. Still, that Twi'lek could dance.

Kitty Cocoon

17. Kitty in “Cocoon”

Actress: Tahnee Welch

She was kind enough to introduce humans to the Antarean form of sex, which is a thousand times more org*smic than our boring kind. Wow.{pagebreak}

stepmother is an alien Celeste

16. Celeste Martin in “My Stepmother is an Alien”

Actress: Kim Basinger

A naive, inexperienced alien bangs the human she falls in love with. Apparently space is a pretty freaky place.

Neytiri Avatar

15. Neytiri in “Avatar”

Actress: Zoe Saldana

She tends to get a little emotional like any space chick, but in the end she does let Jake smash — with his tentacles.

Leela Futurama

14. Leela from “Futurama”

Actress: Katey Sagal (voice)

She's got one eye, purple hair, seems like kind of a prude, and could probably kick my ass, but she's still the hottest cartoon alien I've ever seen.

Serleena Men in Black

13. Serleena in “Men in Black II”

Actress: Lara Flynn Boyle

Pure evil and destruction all rolled into one smoking hot package who just wants to destroy Earth.

T'Pol Star Trek

12. T'Pol in “Star Trek: Enterprise”

Actress: Jolene Blalock

She's sworn to protect the human race, including creating the first human/Vulcan hybrid. You already know she's down for some human love.

Seven of Nine Star Trek

11. Seven of Nine in “Star Trek: Voyager”

Actress: Jeri Ryan

Technically a human, but she had cybernetic implants. She's hot enough that I don't really care what she is.{pagebreak}

Hot Aliens Dude Where's My Car

6–10. Alien Jumpsuit Chicks in “Dude, Where's My Car”

Actresses: Mitzi Martin, Nichole Hiltz, Linda Kim, Mia Trudeau, and Kim Marie Johnson

These five gorgeous aliens combine to make one gorgeous giant alien. A little weird, but still incredibly hot.

Leeloo Fifth Element

5. Leeloo in “The Fifth Element”

Actress: Milla Jovovich

Apparently she's the “perfect being,” and so naive that you could probably get her to try anything at least once. Sounds pretty perfect.

V Anna

Lisa V

3/4. Anna and Lisa from “V”

Actresses: Morena Baccarin and Laura Vandervoort

Queen and daughter, both equally hot. So as long as you get with one you know you're safe when they decide to take over the world.

Number 6 Battlestar Galactica

2. Number Six in “Battlestar Galactica”

Actress: Tricia Helfer

Are you kidding me? No alien is this hot.

Sil Species

1. Sil in “Species”

Actress: Natasha Henstridge”

She wants to reproduce as quickly as possible, but better be careful because she killed every dude she f*cked. Still, I'd probably hit.

Who'd we miss? Sound Off in the Comments… (“Star Trek” and “Star Wars” nerds, please go gentle.)

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